As our parents age, care arrangements can become paramount. 

What to expect from us

Some of the areas that we assist you with during this stage of life include:

Estate Planning 

In conjunction with Estate Planning professionals, we work with you to:

• Ensure suitable Power of attorney arrangements are in place 

• Review wills, powers of attorney, beneficiary arrangements

• Consider any charitable bequests 

• Review shareholdings, trusteeships and directorships for adequate successor arrangements

• Identify all assets owned and ensure they are capable of transfer

• Consider options for future living arrangements 

• Consider adequacy of funeral arrangements and funding

• Consider setting up binding nominations and/or reversionary pensions 

Aged Care 

• Are parents self-sufficient or is there a need to consider care alternatives 

• Consider and discuss aged care options

• Consider home care and other options 

• Review assets in light of accommodation bonds / Centrelink 

Insurance and Protection 

• Is life cover still required? 


• General portfolio review

• Review debts and borrowings if any. 

• Consider any capital gains tax implications 

• Consider the option of ‘down-sizing’ or reverse mortgages

• Review structure of superannuation investments to maximise Centrelink entitlements if/when applicable

Lifestyle issues 

• Have funeral arrangements been discussed and decided upon 

• Have meal options been discussed if home care is required

• What lifestyle support will your parents need? (I.e. fully serviced apartment, home care).