Funding retirement

The third stage of your life should be equally as fulfilling as your youth and middle age. Retirement planning can help to ensure that retirement is an exciting and liberating time. 

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What to expect from us:

With your retirement goals in mind we work with you to examine and implement the following:

Retirement Income Streams:

• Before you convert your superannuation savings to income stream are there other assets which would be more tax effective in the income stream? If so, what is the most effective method to transfer the asset?

• Have you taken full advantage of your opportunities to contribute to super before crossing any age based thresholds? 

• We examine the most appropriate structures to manage your income in retirement.

• Where appropriate, we help you structure your income stream in a way that will provide you with access to the maximum levels of Government assistance (pension, health care card etc.).


• Assess the most appropriate asset allocation to take you forward, taking into account income, growth and cash reserve requirements?

• Are all debts and borrowings now cleared? 

• Help you manage any inheritance. Does Capital Gains tax apply? How will the assets be received? Are there stipulations/trust conditions on the inheritance? 

• Consider how an inheritance may impact Centrelink entitlements if applicable.

Estate planning 

• Review wills/powers of attorney/beneficiary arrangements to ensure that they are up to date. 

• Consider any charitable bequests. 

• Review shareholdings, trusteeships and directorships for adequate successor arrangements. 

• Consider adequacy of funeral arrangements. 

• Identify all assets owned and ensure they are capable of transfer. 

• Consider capital gains tax issues if inheritance asset needs to be sold. 

Insurance and protection 

• Should your life insurance focus now shift to your children? If something happens to the parents of your Grandchildren, do they have contingency plans in place or do they expect to call on you? 

Lifestyle issues 

• Can you fund that once-in-a-lifetime trip…or several of them?  

• Are there any immediate asset purchases under consideration? 

• Are you planning a sea change or down-sizing? 

• Are there any other personal financial issues that need to be taken care of (eg. new vehicles)?