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Who we are

We’re financial planners who are focused on helping our clients to identify their personal goals and develop a clear plan to achieve them. With the right strategy our clients are put in the best position to live their best lives.

Everyone in our qualified and experienced team cares about our clients and seeks to provide the utmost service. So how do we do it?

We listen. With you and your goals at the heart of what we do, our first step is simply to ask you what’s important to you, what gets you out of bed every day and where you want to be. We take the knowledge we gain through our conversations with you into everything we do.

In changing times, tax, investing, super, insurance, and estate planning become increasingly complicated. We give our clients clarity among the complexities of the financial landscape to help them navigate it more effectively.

We value our clients’ trust and endeavour to build meaningful relationships with them. We would love the opportunity to do this with you.

To find out more, see what our clients have to say about working with us, or call to trial it yourself.

Our financial planning expertise

With the right financial foundations in place, we believe the path to your goals becomes clear. Our financial expertise will help you along the journey to a place where your finances are easy to manage, and every dollar is working as hard as possible for you.

At Hindmarsh Square Wealth Advisers, the way we structure our advice to do this, is centred on the following guiding principles.

Putting you first

We have a broad range of expertise in-house and strive to be flexible in meeting our clients’ needs.  We always put you and your personal goals at the heart of what we do.

Engage, educate, empower and enable

With our financial expertise we seek to engage, educate, empower and enable you to do the things that you want to do, whilst maintaining a high standard of relational and professional service.

We believe in transparency and are open in our communication of complex strategies as well as any costs that might be associated with our services. We use our knowledge, skills and expertise to act in your best interests when giving personal advice and always respect our clients privacy and wishes.

Simplicity is key

We will always investigate exactly what matters we are dealing with when we provide our clients with personal and financial advice. We’ll see where you're spending and saving. We can also check how much money you may have for retirement, and explore your estate planning options.

Then we’ll do what we can to uncomplicate your finances by reducing your financial paperwork and helping you consolidate things. It's that simple.

Making the most of every dollar

You work hard for your money, so it should work hard for you too. Putting realistic strategies in place and sticking to them will help your dream come alive over the long term.

Meet our team

Our team is known for their commitment to our clients and willingness to go the extra mile to provide a quality and professional service. We pride ourselves on the long lasting relationships we have developed with our clients over the years and our ability to make people feel welcome at each of our two locations. By taking the time to get to know our clients over a coffee and hearing their stories, we can tailor their experience and our advice to truly suit them.

Our staff consists of our Management Team, Advice Team, and Support Team.

Michelle Veitch

Director, Specialist Adviser Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning

Peter Knowling

Practice Manager, Senior Adviser Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning

Maddison Cox

Business Manager

Hayley Daws

Operations Manager

James Rundle

Site Manager
Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning

Tyson Gilbert

Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning

Angelo Zerella

Authorised Representative of Charter Financial Planning

Kylie Wendt

Provisional Adviser

Kirra Kruger


Gemma Veitch


Zara Cox


Michelle Leak


Susie White


Jahrika Haasbroek


Kameeka Scott


Tess Mellow

Executive Assistant

Imogen Cox

Business Risk Officer

Sally Fritz

Finance Administration Officer

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